American Silver Eagles

The American Silver Eagle is one of the most popular silver bullion coins in the world. Silver Eagles have been issued since 1986 and contain one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. The coins are minted to exacting specifications and guaranteed by the US Government for weight, content, and purity. In addition to bullion format, the coins have also been issued in collectible proof and uncirculated versions.

American Silver Eagle

The bullion version of the Silver Eagle is distributed by the US Mint through a network of authorized purchasers. The coins are minted to demand and generally sold based on the market value of silver. The collectible proof versions of the coins have been offered from 1986 to present, carry a deep cameo proof finish, and are available in limited quantities. The collectible uncirculated version has been offered from 2006 to present. These coins carry the "W" mint mark and are struck on specially burnished blanks.

Many collectors consider Silver Eagles to be the modern equivalent of the silver dollar and collect the series by date. Accordingly, lower mintage issues and higher grade coins carry a premium. The key date of the series is the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle, which was included only in the 1995 Gold Eagle Proof Set and had a scant mintage of 30,125 coins.

Recent low mintage issues include the 2011-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle and 2011-S Uncirculated Silver Eagle. Both of these coins were exclusive to the 25th Anniversary Set, which was limited to production of only 100,000.

The first significant variety of the series was discovered in 2008. This is known as the 2008-W Silver Eagle Reverse of 2007. These 2008 coins were struck with the reverse die type of 2007. The variety is most commonly distinguished by the bowl shaped "U" of "United States" on the reverse of the coin. With estimated production of 47,000, this represent another challenging coin.

This site provides further information on the series such as coin specifications, mintages, and details of recent releases. A wide selection of Silver Eagles for sale is also presented, including proof and uncirculated coins, PCGS and NGC certified coins, the key dates of the series, full rolls of coins, collections, and sets.