Burnished Silver Eagle Mintages

Burnished Silver EagleStarting in 2006, the US Mint began issuing a new collectible version of the American Silver Eagle. These coins were struck on specially burnished blanks and carried the "W" mint mark. These coins are known as "Burnished Silver Eagles" or collectible "Uncirculated Silver Eagles."

Mintages for these coins are much lower than the comparative bullion mintages. Since first available, these coins have been offered by the US Mint individually, or as part of certain sets. The 2006 coin was included in special 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets. The 2007 and 2008 coins were included in each year's Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set.

In 2009 and 2010, the collectible uncirculated or burnished version of the Silver Eagle was not produced or issued, as the US Mint struggled to meet demand for bullion versions of the coin. The offering was resumed in 2011 when the burnished Silver Eagles were offered individually with the "W" mint mark.

In recent years certain special sets have been issued which included Silver Eagles with the burnished finish as well as a new enhanced uncirculated finish. The 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set included burnished Silver Eagles with the "W" and ""S" mint marks. The 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set included the first and only Silver Eagle with an enhanced uncirculated finish.

2013-W Enhanced Unc